A short verse on family court

Family court
A grim place of despair
Where absolutely no one has a care.
You pop along and wait the truth surely justice must
shine on through.
You was so wrong because
The place will now destroy the children and you.

They lie, they cheat
They make you cringe from teeth to feet
The game they play
Memories of the playground back in the day.

The judges believe they are heaven sent
But truth be known
Most are bent.
They pretend a caring ear they do lend
Then to speak the truth its
To prison; you they do send.

Family court has a special place in Hell
When on judgement day
The devil rings his bell

your friends and neighbours; your story tell
But no one believes
Because these fabricated tales the system weaves
So my story i should sell
about this special kind of hell

You stand alone, no one cares
Because when sworn to silence
No one dares
It’s to protect the child
Or so they say
But we all know it’s to make
A fortune another day

Family court will come to pass
When they bury me upside down
So the judge can kiss
My arse ♡

Published by


An Alienated parent suffering the inhumane treatment of being denied a relationship with our daughter in family court Alone fighting the corruption just for the right to have my daughter in my life

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