Parental Alienation- part 1 a short verse

The pain of being alienated ♡

You finally sleep long after the moon breaks,
Your heart aches before the sun awakes,

The moment your eyes open,
The thoughts are constant,
The pain is instant.
Missing them is unbearable,
The fake smile on your face is barely wearable.

You mumble through the days
With your mind in a haze.
Like an actor playing a role
Burying the pain deep within your soul
Because The alienator has all the control.

You worry about your offspring,
Their pain must drive them wild,
After all they are but a child.
If only you could ring to hear their heart sing.

You continue on regardless
Hoping their day is painless
You know these thoughts are unbelievable
All caused by pure evil
Who’d have thought it would end like this
You wish your child
You could kiss ♡


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An Alienated parent suffering the inhumane treatment of being denied a relationship with our daughter in family court Alone fighting the corruption just for the right to have my daughter in my life

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