Parental Alienation- part 1 a short verse

The pain of being alienated ♡

You finally sleep long after the moon breaks,
Your heart aches before the sun awakes,

The moment your eyes open,
The thoughts are constant,
The pain is instant.
Missing them is unbearable,
The fake smile on your face is barely wearable.

You mumble through the days
With your mind in a haze.
Like an actor playing a role
Burying the pain deep within your soul
Because The alienator has all the control.

You worry about your offspring,
Their pain must drive them wild,
After all they are but a child.
If only you could ring to hear their heart sing.

You continue on regardless
Hoping their day is painless
You know these thoughts are unbelievable
All caused by pure evil
Who’d have thought it would end like this
You wish your child
You could kiss ♡



I’m guilty as charged

Not intentionally but because I was very naive, had never heard of Parental Alienation and there was no way I could comprehend a parent being so EVIL.

I am now an alienated parent myself but deep down cannot forgive myself for unintentionally being complicit with what I was unaware of for 23 years until it s been done to me by the very same mother, grandparents and extended family.

It began in 1995, I met the mother of my three children, she had a son when we started dating he was two years old and fatherless.

Of course I asked where dad was and why he had no contact at the beginning.

The what I know now to be lies were instant from both the mother and her awful parents.

” He was a violent thug who used to knock mum around.”

” He was a thieving little scumbag”

” He was a deadbeat”

” she was the Victim of domestic abuse ”

” the child was better off without him”

” He was guilty of everything, you name it him or his parents done it!” According to the what I now know to be; rotten scheming family that I’d become involved with could think of.

When you hear this from mum, nan, grandad, aunty, extended family of the mother because I realise now it’s what they themselves have been led to believe; why would you question it.

A year later she’s pregnant with our first born so as far as I’m concerned that’s it we are forever.

By now my family and I had accepted her elder child as one of our own, she came off benefits, became a stay at home coffee club wife for 21 years and she alongside her son lived off my income throughout.

She refused to accept maintenance, she refused to contact The CSA as quote ” he will be entitled to contact and my income was plenty as her son was now mine”

Being of an age too young to know any different he soon became to call me dad and this is how life continued, I was Dad and that’s how it remained for 23 years, he never wanted for anything and was welcomed as part of our family, treated exactly the same as my own. Three in total, two boys and a daughter.

Shamefully I never really gave much thought to what I now understand to be an alienated father and grandparents.

For the first few years together, every now and then the grandmother would let us know Dad had been on the phone asking for mum’s contact details to re-establish contact. This lady took great pleasure telling the father of her first grandchild to ” fuck off , take us to court, they’d make sure they destroyed him”

I didnt even question these moments, it was their family matter and I was an outsider and not my buisness. After 3 or 4 years of this the gentleman in question chose to walk away for reasons unbeknown to me !

It was as the boy reached the age of 14 or 15 and the power of social media became common place; he was contacted by a sister he never knew he had and at this point my gut feeling told me something was awry with everything I’d been led to believe. We meet these two half sisters and their mother in a restaurant and have a couple if hours getting to know each other.

My gut feeling was screaming inside after being told the guy was a great dad, although a shit ex and had always been in the girls lives. I guess this is the difference between an alienator that uses kids as pawns and weapons and a decent parent that puts their differences aside and agrees with both parents being in the kids lives.

The boy and his sister’s remained in contact and I soon forgot those thoughts and feelings of being deceived.

Years pass and two days after the boys 18th birthday, dad politely makes contact with the mother of my children and asks ” now our son is 18 and an adult is it ok for him to contact him and possibly have a reunification ”

Being what I now know to be an alienator; this upset her immensely, made her furious and start plotting and scheming to do all in her power to prevent such! When asked my opinion I explained the boy was an adult, it was up to him whether he wanted to meet his real father.

This pissed the alienator off further as apparently I was meant to be on her side ! No that’s his father, he’s an adult so it’s up to him. A few weeks later a meeting was arranged but for the poor alienated father it must of been horrendous, the boy met him for five or ten minutes just to repeat all the bullshit and lies he’d been indoctrinated with and promptly told him I’m dad not him and walked away.

The PA was complete and beyond return and I was guilty of aiding it by taking the boy on as mine, him calling me dad and as previously said never questioned the Alienation once except on the occassion driving home after meeting the other offspring that first time.

Years later she leaves after embarking on her third affair, moves in with the latest lover instantly then marries him 10 months later,

For the first 5 months our sons chose to live with me and a shared care of 50 / 50 was in place that worked extremely well until our daughter and I began having days out with a family friend and her child, for some reason ironically this caused mum to develop major issues.

After assaulting me weeks later and the police advising me to change the locks for my own safety, the only weapon left to hurt me was our daughter and denying contact.

The false allegations, the lies, the stories identical to those I’d listened to and never questioned about the other father for 23 years began instantly and still continue four years later.

I mean identical regarding my elderly parents, my family and obviously me

False allegations of DV in family court work everytime it seems if you’re the non resident parent and now I have to live with the fear and dread of our daughter living in this hostile environment will result in the same ending.

If you’re a step mum, stepdad and your partners children have no contact with the other parent without proof that they are a danger, don’t make the same mistakes I did and question all you are told .

A short verse on family court

Family court
A grim place of despair
Where absolutely no one has a care.
You pop along and wait the truth surely justice must
shine on through.
You was so wrong because
The place will now destroy the children and you.

They lie, they cheat
They make you cringe from teeth to feet
The game they play
Memories of the playground back in the day.

The judges believe they are heaven sent
But truth be known
Most are bent.
They pretend a caring ear they do lend
Then to speak the truth its
To prison; you they do send.

Family court has a special place in Hell
When on judgement day
The devil rings his bell

your friends and neighbours; your story tell
But no one believes
Because these fabricated tales the system weaves
So my story i should sell
about this special kind of hell

You stand alone, no one cares
Because when sworn to silence
No one dares
It’s to protect the child
Or so they say
But we all know it’s to make
A fortune another day

Family court will come to pass
When they bury me upside down
So the judge can kiss
My arse ♡

Family court – A Fair system or A buisness destroying lives by aiding the alienation.

Family Court

A place of any loving parents deepest darkest despair, in some cases the ultimate killing machine where fathers are driven to suicide, lies and false allegations are dismissed but not punished, the right to being a loving parent is denied, you have to fight constantly for the smallest of contact with your child, justice doesnt exist and your children are denied their basic human rights to have a relationship with both parents. Its shrouded in secrecy, reporting restrictions and gagging orders whilst Breaking section 8 of the 1998 human rights act daily; right to a private and family life.

‘You have the right to enjoy family relationships without interference from government. This includes the right to live with your family and, where this not possible, the right to regular contact.

They say this secrecy is for the protection of the children, however anyone that has lived through or is living the trauma and outright torture of the family court knows this to be untrue. I think twice in 3 years I’ve heard our daughters name mentioned so what’s to protect and everyone that knows us, knows mum is an alienator and are disgusted by it, so there is no secrecy anyway.

Family court and all its associated organisations are businesses like any other and businesses need to generate income to survive.

In 2017, figures show the government raised £186 million from Family court and £602 million from civil courts this equates to £100 million profit after costs are deducted apparently. To add to that, Imagine whats raised by legal representation, barristers, solicitors and other organisations connected, CAFCASS, contact centres, centres for scanning and approving contact letters sent to alienated children from loving parents under court orders, BBR course centres, supposed expert witnesses, social services, better parenting courses, the child maintenance service and the rest.

Once Family court has produced hundreds of thousands of Non resident parents, who knows how many are totally innocent where there are no safeguarding issues for the child like in our case. The Child maintenance service then hound them for maintenance payments worked out from gross income even though you never see tax paid, have your own bills to pay and then add a 20 per cent collection fee so once again millions in profit is generated !

Is this deliberate or not I ask myself because it’s a win win situation and the only winners are those making millions whilst destroying children and non resident parents lives.

Unless there are serious safegaurding issues of the children involved with convictions for violence towards that child the only reason any non resident parent is dragged through such a system is outright parental alienation where one parent after seperation cannot be adult, cannot be a worthy parent and the unfounded hatred for the other parent is greater then the love of the child resulting in the child being used as the ultimate weapon, a pawn for vindictive revenge.

In our case because we all moved on happily without her 2 weeks after she left and this ate away at her for 4 months

I can only comment truthfully on my experience though after 3 years of trying to gain access to a deliberately alienated daughter trapped in the system not fit for purpose and cannot use specific details of events in court except the basics.

To me it reminds me of many years ago in school when arguing over made up rules in a game of jumpers for goalposts football or hopscotch with the girls in the playground.

Not to sound disrespectful of the court I’ll say it how it’s happened truthfully and comments based on my opinion due to the events I’ve witnessed however the truth seems to always land me in trouble the past 3 years. No one connected to family court in our case seems to like the truth or viewing evidence of it.

There are no specific rules, they change from judge to judge and hearing to hearing, false allegations and blatant lies when proved are not punished and the non resident target parent being falsely accused has to jump through hoops and agree to anything in desperate attempts for the slightest contact of any kind. If the child was the main concern cases would be concluded within the first 2 or 3 hearings and dealt with within days or weeks but no you wait for months upon end with the children living in totally hostile enviroments towards the alienated parent and in our case my entire family whilst suffering the loss of a loving parent.

Of course 50 / 50 doesn’t seem to be granted because then there’s no need for further hearings, more application fees when contact orders are broken by the alienating parent and more profit from these fees and the fees The child maintenance service impose when they become involved because 50 / 50 means no maintenance, no maintenance means no 20 per cent collection fees for a very well oiled machine !

It all began 18th january 2016 when she stopped contact deliberately after realising the kids and I were extremely happy without her then developing major issues after becoming envious of a family friend.

She even warned me that evening when collecting little one that ” if we went out with a friend and her son that night I’d never see my daughter again “

This was four months after she left to continue the 3rd affair im aware of in 23 yrs together. This time the difference was I refused to have her back .

Throughout those four months we had a 50 / 50 agreed shared care agreement in place , this was working well with mum and I barely seeing each other, 4 or 5 times to be precise. Then a month after stopping contact on 5th Feb 2015 after being coached by her new solicitor because her first one tried to keep the situation amicable and out of court, she approached the court for a Non molestation order based on 28 lies accusing me of domestic violence, a very common practice indeed to gain legal aid and defame and discredit the alienated parent immediately in family court.

There was not a shred of evidence of any kind to substantiate the very cleverly composed statement created by her solicitor. But the NMO is still granted making a mockery of both the justice system and the genuine victims of domestic abuse.

It’s all a scam to generate money for all those involved and to get the upper hand in court from the outset, the welfare of the victims (children) involved is not considered and life of the child / ren used as weapons is destroyed wilfully in the meantime. Surely, you’d think for justice to be met any application for a NMO should be backed up by evidence.

25 of these lies I could prove instantly by giving the judge my mobile phone but the court dont care because its the same court that issued the NMO in a secret hearing anyway a week earlier that I was not privileged to attend or knew anything about. More devious tricks by an unethical solicitor.

Now it seems NMOs are handed out like candy at Halloween without evidence of any kind and based on the say of a blatant liar, I’ve read hundreds of stories on social media groups with people suffering the same torment and unfair abuse by the system. Anyone who has one of these issued against them is in more deep stuff then they could ever imagine because an NMO is broken by the most innocent action of being a loving parent trying to gain some kind of contact with a emotionally abused and in our case physically abused alienated child, once An NMO or restraining order is broken all local authorities are notified and you are forever deemed a criminal or violent thug / perpetrator of domestic abuse by the entire system. All based on pathetic laws and no evidence.

I thought i got lucky in a way at the outset and I’d be granted our daughter, however soon discovered I couldnt be more mistaken because it’s family court.

The NMO against me was discarded a week later when at my 1st appearance i requested a hearing of facts immediately causing her and her legal rep to panic because the during week whilst I was at work she entered the former family home, downloaded all the evidence and statements I’d prepared therefore knowing i could prove each and every lie. She then changed passwords to the family pc after deleting all my hard work. Yes this is the deviousness I’m dealing with.

I proceeded to follow very poor and deliberate advice from my former solicitor and barrister ( to create more income by delaying the case from the outset ) after they talked me out of requesting a hearing of facts with the usual ” I know what I’m doing, I’ve been doing this for 30 years” speech that any desperate father would believe at the outset. ( I’ll talk about this in another blog at a later date )

Instead of the hearing of facts an undertaking and a cross undertaking were agreed and sworn to. Basically this is a promise to a judge that you haven’t done anything accused of whether false or not and if you do it within a set period they can incarcerate you. This is where the farce begins because in my eyes by taking a cross undertaking she’s just admitted shes lied in her original statement.

Why would you spend £1500 to £2000 having a solicitor compose a statement of lies gaining an NMO then have it deliberately dismissed and thrown in the bin a week later if you wasnt lying ?

Anyway I’m informed in family court ” you are innocent until proven guilty” great I’m thinking ” can I see my daughter then ? ” I ask, but the courts actions and words completely contradict each other ” no you can’t, because of the nature of the allegations they will have to be investigated before direct contact is granted” despite the fact the statement of false allegations and the NMO have just become null and void and dismissed 5 minutes earlier ! Cafcass are ordered to carry out a section 7 report which itself is a completely different story, again for another day.

I’m am allowed phone contact temporarily though 3 times a week. After 5 calls the alienator antagonises them deliberately and then stops them therefore breaking the very 1st court order. Every other day when the call is denied i send a polite email ” please turn our daughters phone on as per the judges order x” 6 in all and 4 regarding the elder boys who live with me and the division of the house etc.

Like 1000s of others I’m soon to be arrested for harassment for being a loving alienated father and sending the 6 emails. According to court and CAFCASS FCA this is domestic violence proving how pathetic the whole situation is, she breaks a court order I try and talk to her politely I’m treated worse than an animal being sent to slaughter. Apparently what I should have done is filled out the relevant forms paid the relevant fees £150 plus each time and waited the usual months for a hearing for the court to sort out regardless she had broken the first court order already and never been punished for it. Again The alienator seems to have been rewarded and treated like a poor defenceless victim due to her practiced crocodile tears and clever manipulation that is coached by legal teams. Forget the fact she has a history of violent abuse towards both our daughter and I and I’ve already dropped charges for ABH I’m now the violent abuser for the attached emails.

The manipulation of the court room seems as easy as boiling water. The Crocodile tears are a major weapon in court alongside the sentence ” id love him to have a relationship with our daughter” very machavellian or narcissistic but it seems to work everytime, several times I’ve witnessed her barrister tap her leg under the table each time the judge begins to direct a question at her and in a well practiced manor she instantly bursts into tears and before the first tear leaves her eye he is already reaching for the predominantly positioned box of tissues on the table in front of him and passes to her. The sympathy is instant, throughout numerous hearings and sitting in front of various deputy district judges, only one seems to see through this nonsense and charade, in fact he asks several times in one sitting if she is a vindictive person. He cannot understand the acrimony. He’s obviously done his job correctly and read every detail in statements and viewed the evidence submitted and sees the situation for what it is however sadly this hearing was not child related. He’s the same guy whilst during conversation after another hearing where her solicitor lied on the phone to him 7 times and she blatantly lied in an email that morning politely apologises for me not seeing our daughter because of court and its obvious shes a vindictive person then states in his opinion CAFCASS shouldn’t be allowed in or near a court room ever . Wow i wished this judge dealt with our childs case, id have full custody and mum would be being punished for the alienation and the violent assaults on our daughter and I.

Yes I’ve been violently assaulted as has our daughter and the FCA assigned to our case after viewing it and police reports regarding it refused deliberately to mention in her reports or in the court room because I commented on her childish unproffessionalism.

Nearly 3 years, nearly a dozen hearings and not once has any evidence which includes police reports where shes made over 50 false allegations, videos of my daughter violently attacked, videos of me violently assaulted, historic photos of the violence ive suffered at the hands of mum the past 5 years has ever been viewed except a very inaccurate section 7 report composed by a corrupt FCA. Corrupt is a strong word but totally true, she admitted she based her reports on her personal opinions and experiences and not the overwhelming evidence she took from me or viewed at my home and admitted at the last hearing she was going to recommend no direct contact because i had previously complained about her. Yes she admitted it to me then denied it obviously when I made a further complaint.

Even our prime minister Theresa May when shadow secretary of state declared CAFCASS not fit for purpose and the conservatives would abolish them when coming to power. The problem is politicians either have no power when it comes to it or family court earns the government too much revenue to be changed in anyway. However if they realised how many hundreds of thousands of votes they’d get they’d no doubt get involved. Crossing toll fees are more important to my local MP than the destruction of childrens lives.

Mine and the childrens lives became hours of me in police cells based on false allegations, police reports filed about me for breaking a non existent NMO damaging my reputation further, Months of waiting between hearings, cancellations the day before after waiting those months so you have to wait for months again. 6 months between one cancellation. Then when the day of a hearing arrives its a total waste of time, twenty minutes of the same or fresh allegations to delay matters further and all the time your child is being alienated further by the hostile parent and their entire family and the small army of flying monkeys that cause trouble who have only heard one side of a story and refuse to listen to both. So it’s not just the child brainwashed it’s the idiots around them permanently.

You prove one false allegation after another to be exactly that, false but the court doesn’t seem to care, don’t punish and don’t persecute the accuser. They persecute You instead, why You ask yourself. Simple , because You are the non resident parent. You request hair folicle drug test because of another new allegation made to discredit you, also requesting your child be tested because shes permanently being left in an enviroment where marijuana is smoked constantly. The accusers legal team back track immediately after hearing you want your child tested as well and admit the accusation was based on rumour and they expanded it to discredit you. Again the court dont reprimand, punish or care even though they’ve basically just admitted lying. All the judge says is ” this is not good enough the accusations without evidence must stop! ”

At moments like this you realise all those stories youve read when doing research are true, the system really isn’t fit for purpose and its ruled by unethical solicitors and barrister causing emotions and frustration to kick in and run riot in your head. Then the supposed experts who are not adequately trained in psychology or mental health issues jump on the band wagon and accuse you of having mental health issues because you know the truth and see the charade for what it is and become frustrated.

You agree to be tested for mental health issues because at this point you are still agreeing to anything in the desperate hope that it will get you one step closer to your broken child. After 3 or 4 sessions the shrink tells you you are perfectly sound of mind, just frustrated at the situation but you should be fuming, she can’t understand why you haven’t got angry and kicked doors down, made threats, hurt someone because apparently anger and rage are the most commonly used human emotion worldwide. She’s asks why I haven’t ? and I explain ” it won’t get me anywhere apart from prison” so she informs you there’s no need for further visits and gives you a report stating you have no mental health issues and perfectly sane, this good report is totally ignored in court because it’s not what they want to hear

The FCA recommends because I got charged with ‘ Harrasment without violence ” for the 6 emails asking for our daughters phone to be switched on, I should do the CAFCASS BBR course. A joke in itself because this is a course designed for violent offenders and perpetrators of domestic abuse and i have no record, history or even reports of any violence in my life but you agree yet again because you believe it’s another step closer to your alienated child. Even the charge sheet states ‘ harassment without violence’ so why recommend a course for violent offenders ?

At interview you are told ” you are not suitable because it’s for violent offenders and perpetrators of violent domestic abuse who are sent via the magistrates court not via CAFCASS and you wont admit you have been violent ! “

I’d do anything for my children but I’m not going to ever admit to doing something I haven’t done, especially being a violent thug abusing the mother of my children. This it seems is my problem and a major problem in family court, the fact I wont bow down, I won’t toe the line and admit to monstrosities they expect me to admit to just because of false allegations or they want me to because they are the judge, jury and only witnesses to what goes on behind closed doors and because an inadequately trained crooked FCA has said it’s so. If you don’t agree and you argue your case that you are innocent of any wrong doing towards the child ( which I haven’t) , you insist or argue that they should view the overwhelming evidence that you have submitted numerous times over 3 years and waited patiently for it to be viewed and justice served, you tell them the FCA has a conflict of interest because you complained about her 18 months earlier for her childish actions and lack of professionalism. They dont care and because you state it how it truly is you are treated like you’ve started an uprising and a naughty child arguing back.

Don’t agree and you are punished and that punishment is the ultimate. It is contact denied with a once loving child that is now left in the hostile environment so hostile to you, they end up further damaged, brainwashed into believing you are such a monster , mum manhandles her away violently every time your seen in passing but she terrified to tell the truth when spoken to by so called experts who have also only heard mum’s side, shes also been indoctrinated into believimg the judge will incarcerate her as well and she’s so terrified of this also and that physical abuse she receives when you are seen or spoken about she is now terrified to even acknowledge or wave at you in passing. So the court room is now aiding the alienation and adding to the emotional abuse and punishing the very child they claim they are protecting by the own actions! Parental alienation is child abuse.

All this, For what because an alienator is cleverly coached to manipulate domestic violence laws, the police and the court room in a game of chess to make money by those involved and to alienate you further.

At our last hearing when requesting several times ” what safeguarding issues the court deem fit to deprive our daughter a relationship with her father ?” I was informed by the judge ” there are none and the issue was my relationship with the mother ” laughable and pathetic, you insist as you have done so many bloody times, you don’t care what the mother does and if evidence was viewed and listened to they would see you’ve begged the mother to go away leave you alone and wished her luck and it’s the mother manipulating the system from the outset.

Again Proving family court don’t seem to care, you attempt to explain one last time, if I could see our daughter there would be no issues or the high conflict that cafcass love to quote so freely between you and the mother. She is deliberately alienating our daughter, creating the implacable hostility herself and manipulating the system. They will never agree with you on this or would it ever be admitted by the court because then they have to admit they’ve been manipulated for nearly three years as do the police . Each and every time the mother hears this the crocodile tears appear again immediately and again she tells every judge in front of her ” id love him to have a relationship with our daughter’ a blatant lie because she walks out of court laughing because she knows she’s just fooled another court room and another judge.

It doesn’t matter that I have overwhelming proof I’ve begged her to leave me alone since she left because I wish nothing to do with her or she has a history of violence towards the child and I, ive done nothing wrong and the judge has just told me there are no safegaurding issues between the child and I, you are still denied contact !

The case is pure and simple Parental alienation – where the unfounded hatred of an ex partner is greater then the love of the child. That child is then used as a weapon and family court actions seem to aid thus by allowing it to continue.

You can prove the alienation began a week after the police told her to stay away from the family home because you’re in fear for your safety and possibly life after the violent assault you caught on video leaving you with a two inch long action man scar. The same video the court has refused to watch throughout 3 years then theres the video of my 8 year old daughter violently assaulted because she wanted daddy, one of many violent assaults that cafcass and the court have refused to Investigate. This is how family court works, it doesn’t care about the truth or justice or the fact a minor has been left full time in the care of a mother who has a history of violence and mental health issues.

The judge just informs me I should have paid a solicitor and barrister to sit in front of her because I don’t seem to understand the law. No I may not be trained in court room etiquette but I do know the truth and why on earth should I pay a barrister to tell it or attempt to get the court to listen to it. “I wasted nearly twenty thousand on solicitors and barristers at the outset and got no closer to our daughter your honour” Also I get 2 or 3 comments about ‘ I should pay the relevant fees and fill out relevant forms’ due to the opposition breaking court orders proving once again it’s about creating revenue and nothing to do with the welfare of our daughter.

The saddest part is Throughout the 3 years in this situation I’ve spoken to several adults who were our daughter, alienated children and listened to the horror stories of how they lived, they are all identical, crying themselves to sleep of a night, the daily thoughts of ” why doesn’t daddy / mummy love me, why don’t they want me ? ” and this occurs year upon year apparently and left them emotionally damaged with permanent scars throughout the rest of their lives. When you have a 45 year old man from a prize fighting, kick boxing background break down sobbing uncontrollably on your sofa because he was your daughter alienated from his father for 18 years by his mother and he’s never forgotten the nightmares he lived through wondering why dad didnt love him and what he did to make that happen, you know your daughter is going to be damaged forever and the very system created to protect them encourages and aids it

This makes me often wonder if there is one judge that has ever met an adult or two that spent there lives alienated and denied a relationship with one parent as a child and listened to the horror story they lived through and can never forget.

And if they had would it change their opinion of the system they work in that wilfully destroys the lives of innocent children!

Family court use court advisors from cafcass to make recommedations regarding these issues and according to Anthony Douglas the chief executive of CAFCASS parental alienation is common in lots of cases, it’s the severest form of child abuse but then went on to admit his staff are not trained to recognise PA. How the hell can an fca whom is insufficiently trained be ordered to carry out reports if the cannot even recognise the signs or understand that they are requested to report on!

I wait 11 months for a hearing date after an appeal hearing was granted.

Her solicitor who now just primes the court and prepares paperwork but doesn’t appear has been very busy.

She has been granted special measures, an absolute joke in itself, as for the past 3 years I’ve been begging the police to help with the harassment, her arriving wherever she hears i am, stalking me and hanging around feet away from me like a bad stench trying to goad a reaction, now shes ushered in ahead of me and placed behind a screen , my god shes amazing at playing the victim and deceiving the system and its fell for everytime.

My appeal is not granted on no merit because I didnt write the one letter a month to our daughter and apparently keep going over old stuff thats been dealt with ” No it hasnt never in two and a half years , i have proof of 2 corrupt fcas, evidence of extreme violence that’s never been viewed and the hearing of facts that I’m entitled to by law was cancelled 11 months earlier therefore never being allowed to cross examine the accuser or the corrupt FCA who has admitted a recommendation of no contact because i complained about her was followed to the letter by the deputy district judge .

Now I can’t apply to the court again to see my daughter for a minimum of another 6 months until I have written 1 letter a month that will never reach our daughter . And then quote ” fill out the relevant forms, pay the relevant fees and apply for contact again “

This is my own fault because I hadn’t wrote the letters and when asked why not, I tried explaining to the presiding judge that I hate myself for not doing so but I just couldn’t, each and every time I tried to write to my precious daughter I ended up a blubbering wreck surrounded by a pile of scrunched up balls around me because family court has denied contact for two and a half years , she is totally alienated and I break down everytime. Yes sounds pathetic but when you’ve been grieving for a child that lives a mile up the road for 990 days that letter is not easy especially when you are not allowed to use certain phrases ” I love you’ ” i miss You’ etc. and you know these letters are never going to reach your daughter because the alienator is untouchable in court and will just rip them up or return them like the pile of christmas and birthday presents and cards it’s returned that sit awaiting the day your precious daughter returns.

So now it looks like I’ve got another 2 or 3 years of no direct contact whilst my daughter is brainwashed and abused and alienated further like my stepson was for 23 years because hes never known his father because of the same lies and allegations. Then when it is time to reapply the court will decide whether I have to partake in the 6 month BBR Course for sending the 6 emails or a contact centre.

Therefore another father driven to the verge of suicidal thoughts knowing he’s going to miss another two years of his daughters life because the mother has mental health issues, deliberately alienates and the courtroom encourage it

So the question is ; is family court a money making buisness destroying innocent lives and families to raise a fortune in revenue or is it really there to protect the children ? The answer is obvious it creates non resident parents with no contact of any kind to keep the wheels oiled and profits rolling in from all directions.

An Alienated parent, the deepest darkest thoughts

The main story is of parental alienation and how our daughter is used as a weapon, her life totally destroyed, therapist dragged into her life, her being bullied at school because Mum has made her a vulnerable target and the school has aided in this by pandering to Mum after hearing only one side of events and believing all they have been informed and then add to the group of people or groups treating the alienated targeted parent like a criminal or some type of monster.
You have to be very sound of mind to deal with this or live like this as the frustrations of knowing the truth but not being able to get it across to anyone in authority is devastating internally and if not strong enough you end up like so many by having complete break downs or doing the unimaginable or unthinkable.
I’ll drift off here back to many years ago. Since being stuck in the family court and being denied a relationship with little one, the sad story of a mate from my early teenage years plays on my mind because the last time I saw him I didn’t realise the absolute pain and inner turmoil he was obviously going through the last time we spoke due to being denied his own children after splitting with their mum. I’ll change his name and just call him Bill as I have no permission or the right to tell his story and only know what he told me and the sketchy details about the final event after it happened. We was at a party for a relatives birthday, during the evening Bill arrived with someone else. Now like many of my friends from our younger days, I’d either lost contact or cut them out of my life when with Mum. Bill was just someone id lost contact with over the years, this particular night he made a beeline for me as he didn’t know many at the party.
He had obviously been drinking heavily and had something weighing him down as if he had the weight of the world on his shoulders and this showed in the sadness in his eyes. The same look an old friend whom I haven’t seen for years has recently told me is hidden behind my eyes. It’s funny how I noticed this but never took no notice if that makes sense, maybe just passed it off as the effects of what ever he had taken or drink. As the evening passed we had a good reminisce about life and what each other had been up to. Then sitting in the corner in deep drunken conversation, him being more intoxicated as he’d been drinking all day, I asked what was bothering him as he kept staring off into space with a vacant look and the sorrow in his eyes obvious. He ignored my remark at first and carried on talking about when we were teens and a couple of weekends away we had.
Then Mid conversation as if reminded of something he blurts out
“ she’s a Bitch john “
“ who Bill?”
“ my ex, we’ve split up she won’t let me see the kids, haven’t seen them for months I’ve nearly lost everything and no one can understand how much it kills Me, the pain is unbearable” as far as I remember they had been together a lifetime like Mum and I but the difference being they were childhood sweethearts.
Being rather intoxicated myself I didn’t really take much notice of this sad story and just listened believing it to be drunken talk, he began telling me how he done anything possible in an attempt to shut it and the pain out.
“ you know what , I do anything nowadays”
“ what do you mean Bill, anything”
“ well apart from the drink, I take anything that helps me reach oblivion and I mean real oblivion every day if someone offers me a pill or a line i’d do it not caring what it was, it could be a fucking horse tranquilizer and I’d take it mate, if it’s not offered I go searching for it. I don’t care as long as I’m totally out of it to try to forget my problems and the thought of not seeing my kids “
Now bare in mind at the time I had a good life, was in love with my beautiful wife, 3 lovely boys, a daughter and a good job giving us the ability to live how we wished, oh and we was at a party so meant to be enjoying ourselves. Looking back, I didn’t sadly take much notice. The subject finally changed and the drinking continued after him on the verge of complete breakdown, struggling to compose himself and sobbing quietly whilst telling me what his ex had been doing, the signs of alienation shining through with each word he spoke, the same nonsense as the children and I’ve had to endure the past two years and how much seeing the kids hurt every waking moment. Shamefully, not being able to understand or imagine the pain. I just said the usual trivial comments I’ve heard myself from so many people or friends the past two years including a manager working for CAFCASS say it during a meeting “ don’t worry mate it will sort itself out” or “ the kids will come back to you when they realise what she’s doing or are old enough”

Now I know personally these people or friends that say these things have the best intentions in mind but really would not have the slightest clue or be able to comprehend how much the pain of losing a child that lives a mile away hurts and how much hearing comments like these just add to the pain and inner torment that you try to hide from the outside world. Because now I know exactly what Bill was going through at that point in his life.
I’ve been that low I’ve had the deep dark thoughts that are a constant itch in the depths and darkest recesses of your mind the thoughts about wishing the now twisted mother of my kids who I loved, adored for twenty-three years and would have definitely taken a bullet for or jumped in front of a bus to protect would now drop dead of a horrendous disease or just disappear from the planet for eternity, not thoughts of murder just you selfishly think these thoughts because you know everyone’s life would be easier and the future years of relentless unstoppable Unnecessary conflict would end instantly, if you ever read this Mum or my children, I am sorry but I’ve had them and even though they are brief passing thoughts it’s all part of the situation I’ve been placed in.
Then you remember the kids and the impact this would have on the rest of their lives, after all I chose her to be the mother of my children and even now after two years of what can only be explained as hatred towards me I still find myself buying her flowers on mother’s day because the boys don’t get her anything and then we have to pretend the boys paid for them because you know even though it’s only flowers and I’ve made the boys give them to her she will In some way try to use it against you and have you locked up for harassment or some such nonsense because the vindictiveness and desperate thoughts of hurting you for being happy is overwhelming her everyday life, you know without a doubt you are the subject of her ever waking thoughts and she is obsessed with destroying you.
You think these thoughts because after 23 years together, you know her so well , better than anyone even her own parents and You just know she s going to sadly be this twisted and keep trying to alienate the kids from you for the rest of your life and wont stop until she’s destroyed you for reasons only she knows because no one else can explain her actions and then you begin to wonder why on earth you loved her in the first place because now you are just complete strangers with the same chapters in the history book of life and how on earth you could have been blinded to what lay dormant just beneath the surface so long. Since parting so many friends and neighbours have informed me there has always been something there that I was blinded to and always steered themselves away, made their excuses and left when she appeared even if they were mid conversation with me and had been for ages. And she proved this over and over since her issues began after leaving. She’s lied to absolutely everyone; friends, court, cafcass, the police, the children and her own family who haven’t the slightest clue what’s been happening really and she has no shame or morals when doing this in an attempt to discredit and destroy the father of her children whilst playing the victim so well.
Then there’s the thoughts of killing myself during the quiet desperate moments alone in the early hours of the morning, normally before the rest of the world is awake just to put an immediate end to the pain and destruction in your kids and your life. Unnecessary destruction caused by what I first believed to be pure jealousy of a family friend and seeing her as a threat because little one doted on her but it can’t just be this, this was the fuse that ignited her rage and fury even though two years later she still has underlying issues and the odd snide rude comments towards the friend then once this fuse was lit it has become unachievable to extinguish.
Combine this with bitterness or the returning psychological issues she suffered from a couple of years ago after little one was born who knows what they are caused by or why any parent would alienate a child without a genuine reason and no safe guarding issues of the child but she’s already admitted she’s told the police “ I’m a good dad, she has no worries about the kids being with me and she was the violent one” so then the thoughts turn a different corner or catch a different train of thought, perhaps little one is the root cause of her issues because she definitely stole all my attention from Mum and her limelight for seven years as it was little one and I every waking moment together except when not working or at school and she begged over and over to live with me daily for those first 4 months when Mum first left to continue yet another affair.
In my life there was always two Mums the one that loved a selfie photo with little one for social media and the show of being a doting mother when people around and the real one that had no patience for her, never played with her, never helped with homework, never read bedtime stories, refused to join us when going out and continuously rang me at work hysterically at least once a week the last few years pleading with me to come home because she was terrified quote:
“please get home Now, I’m going to hurt your bitch of a daughter and terrified I’m going to actually kill her john, I’m not fucking about I’m really scared I’m seriously going to hurt her I’m so scared !“
these were her words not mine now bearing in mind twenty-three years together her spending over half her life with me, she was surrounded by male family members, was forever envious and caused trouble if I spoke to anyone she presumed I thought were prettier than her, friends, neighbours or even passing strangers so just maybe little one, my precious princess and the strength of the bond between us was the spark that ignited something dormant deeper within her because it never really revealed itself until little one was a couple of years old and then the happy pills and sessions with a therapist were prescribed for the feelings she couldn’t shake off for a couple of years that were causing her psychological problems or maybe it was absolutely nothing to do with little one at all and I’m imagining that due to timing or coincidence and had something more to do with her own upbringing.
She told me everything over the years, we knew Each other inside out or at least I thought we did and thinking back she always declared she couldn’t wait to get away from her parents, so a bad upbringing maybe, lack of love and relationship from the parents, having no rules as a child, being allowed to go clubbing at the age of 13 drinking and taking drugs, being a nightmare and always in trouble at school and out playing, having a baby at a young age taking away a big part of her own childhood, these are her stories that she told me and I’d heard over and over throughout the years and not my thoughts or maybe I’m surmising and it’s just purely trying to alienate me from the children because of The friend after all and she seems terrified I’m going to try to replace her with someone as mum or maybe just because the family got away with the complete and total alienation of the father of her first child previously with years of the same allegations and fabrications without a problem because he chose to walk away or thought he didn’t stand a chance at such a young age.
Me walking away from my children, giving up on them and giving up on justice being served or committing suicide to end all; No chance ever, one parent destroying your children’s lives is enough without them having to live with the fact that the alienating parent drove the other away, having thoughts dad didn’t love them enough to fight or to kill himself is unthinkable because it’s not just little one, even though her and the boys don’t speak for months at a time when she drives them away with her actions, when I persuade them to see her or they miss the baby sister so much because they aren’t allowed to see her so they have to see mum to see their sister. Each and every time they do venture to see her she takes every single opportunity she can to attempt to alienate the boys from me. Sometimes it works for days or hours maybe a week but never lasts much longer than this because they’ve had to live with and witness her crap since she left as well, they know deep down I’ve done nothing wrong but a narcissist fools their victims so well and the boys are just more victims in her private war against me and her Course of Conduct to deliberately destroy me.
Your probably reading this and thinking about now that I’m trying to make myself look like an angel, no I’m not, far from it I’m sadly just telling it how it happens and stating the facts.
The thoughts run wild especially when you know the narcissistic custodial parent has major anger issues and is very capable of hurting your child and you’re no longer there to intervene or protect them like you have done so many times in the past but these thoughts are erratic, a 1001 scenarios running through your head at the same time fighting for space to grow and send you entirely insane.
I can only guess being totally deprived a relationship with a child by someone who has unfounded issues that cause them to hate you more than they love their own children is similar to having a child disappear forever without knowing where they are or have them die but having no corpse to bury and grieve over. Then that pain is made worse by being stuck in a system, family court that is so corrupt it is a very dark heart wrenching place to be With total strangers who have only met you for half an hour twice given the power to make life destroying decisions adding their own lies or omitting the genuine facts and evidence because you inadvertently upset them with a comment about their unprofessional conduct then complained about them and you know the whole system is flawed and not fit for purpose and there is nothing you can do about it adding to the unbearable torment.
It’s not just your children and your story it’s thousands upon thousands of children and parents story and they are so similar you cannot comprehend how the system has survived or got away with it so long without it ever making headline news apart from a couple of stories about a couple of fellas dressed as super heroes fourteen years ago climbing high-profile roof tops to high light the failures.

And then all those years ago when the press and tv started to tell the story of an alienated fathers , the system attempted to destroy them personally and issued a D Notice to the press, meaning they could no longer report on these stories. what’s a D Notice you may ask.

This is where reporting restrictions are made, gagging the press in cases of a national emergency.

What the hell can be a national emergency created by the truth coming out about family court apart from the nation’s public disgust and the money making machine of a system being bought to light and destroyed.

You wake up at silly o clock every bloody single day and so far as I write this i’ve had 990 of them, the first thing on your mind is your child or children, knowing what you are going through daily as well as what you have to deal with is painful enough as an adult but for a child the emotional and psychological abuse must be tenfold worse or you continuously worry because on top of this you know and witnessed with your own eyes and from what your son has witnessed and admitted to you your daughter is attacked violently and sent to bed screaming for just mentioning you or The friend then you also wonder if she’s going to succeed one day with her blatant lies to the police to have you incarcerated.
All this , For what !
Because you got happy shortly after they left and then begged her to go away, be happy and leave you alone because it was her who chose to leave because she couldn’t keep her knickers up around her hips where they belonged whilst you was at work and she admitted this 3 or 4 times since, quote
“ it was easy for him to get in my knickers john because he was nice to me”
well blow me darling lots of women were nice to me and still are it doesn’t mean I couldn’t resist dropping my pants and dancing the Fandango.
you have these thoughts daily and they never really go away but you have two choices and the choices are either let the situation make or break you so as I do you put on a smile, brave the world that’s totally changed because before a one-sided acrimonious divorce and the implacable hostility you believed in truth, honour and justice and now you know the whole monster the system has created is as corrupt as hell and it beats you down and silences you with threats of incarceration and denying you a relationship with your own flesh and blood or removing everything in your life you’ve worked for.
All this for telling the truth or fighting against its tide of injustice but you hide these thoughts away and struggle on with life-like an actor playing a part in a play and behind that false persona you just deal with it as best you can or like Bill, I’m guessing you just let it consume you until it eats away at the very fabric of your soul and becomes too much to bare , your mind becomes fragile and turns in on itself and the deepest darkest thoughts evolve into a hideous nightmare that makes Freddy Kruger look like Fred Flintstone and like Bill or the thousands of others worldwide you only see one inevitable end and do the unimaginable and take your own life.
Writing this part of my story reminds me of a short tale I read, an old Cherokee and the tail of two wolves author unknown it’s not quite the same but it’s what thoughts you feed that evolve :-

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy.
“It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.” He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”
The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”
The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

Statistics show 84 men a week in the UK take their own lives due to mental health, depression, a number of untold reasons and feeding the wrong wolf ; that’s 84 a week, not a month or a year, a week. It makes you wonder how many of them are in the same impossible situation that you find yourself in, that Bill found himself in through no fault of your or their own apart from having children with a Narcissistic or Machiavellian alienating custodial parent and the system making it so easy for them to manipulate and do it unhindered and they are encouraged or rewarded for their pretence.

It was probably a few weeks or maybe a couple of months after our meeting at that party that I heard the tragic end to Bills story, sadly he like so many others must have fed the wrong wolf . I don’t know the exact details but from what I have heard he was alone and must have been in a very disturbed dark space with the way he sadly or perhaps bravely / cowardly chose to take his life to end his torture. A torture and inner turmoil that I like thousands of others in the UK endure daily, a pain that is the one and only constant in your life. Its overwhelming and exhausting when dealing with a narcissistic ex partner that is now the horrendous evil parent denying you contact with a once loving child and knowing they are brainwashing that child or children daily and using them as a weapon to destroy you deliberately but the real pain is knowing that the child / ren are probably going through the same pain and emotional abuse as you with the same horrendous thoughts destroying their mental state from deep within and you cannot do anything to resolve the situation or halt the deliberate damage and cruelty being carried out. Courts, CAFCASS, the police or social services would not have the slightest inkling of what this pain amounts to and don’t seem to care. And the system doesn’t care in the slightest about the people like Bill who can only see one way out to stop the pain and anguish, they just become collateral damage and statistics deliberately swept under the carpet and hidden from society to cover the corruption that is rife in secret family court and they use the excuse “in the name of protecting the children” to do this and deprive the public of the truth because if the truth was made public the world would be horrified.
The pain in Bills story didn’t occur to me immediately until I woke up at 4 Am one morning and the whole event of the party and the conversation we had overwhelmed me for some reason as if it had just occurred, the moment I opened my eyes with tears streaming down my cheeks. The tears not just for Bill but every child and parent put through this situation by alienating parents and family court.
Strangely or coincidently, about six months after waking up like this I bumped into Bills sister and brother-in-law whilst watching a band in a local pub. I didn’t really know Bills sister but knew her husband. Bill came into the conversation as I was introduced to her, as I offered my condolences even though years too late I immediately felt guilty and apologised , she smiled and thanked me and that afternoon we ended up raising many a few glasses to him whilst listening and bad dad dancing to the band playing tunes he apparently loved. Later that evening as they left she thanked me again and said it was always lovely someone remembering her brother and telling her tales she’d never heard.
The other thing I remember is Bills story or actions didn’t even make the local papers as far as I know which is sad because stories regarding someone being found guilty and fined for dropping litter or some such trivial crap are very common but sad stories about injustice in the system are censored, gagged and hidden from public scrutiny.
BILL RIP I know your pain my friend and wished I’d listened my old mate x
Now as anyone knows there are always two sides to any story, the lies and fabrications or the truth and I’d only briefly heard one side of Bills story hence can only tell his story as i’d heard it. From what I know from the brief conversation with Bill it sounds similar to my circumstances but maybe there was more to their story then he told me, then again maybe there wasn’t. I don’t know who else was involved in Bills case or whether they were involved with the same Not fit for purpose organisations that have been dragged into our case but I will say if they were involved I can understand Bills pain even more.
I know the type of torment he must have been going through at that particular time in his life I still Think its maybe a cowardly selfish thing to do, his kids had lost a father due to one evil alienating parent, I don’t know how long for or why but now they have to live with the fact their father wasn’t strong enough to continue fighting to be in their life, no one can comprehend, well I can’t the long-term effect this will have on the rest of their lives. Do they hate him, do they hate mum, do they hate the world and will they rebel and let events of their already destroyed childhood completely destroy their adult lives and the lives of their own children if they have any or already have. No one should have to endure that as a child or have to spend their lives knowing daddy killed himself because of mummy.
In our case I have tried keeping everyone and any outside groups out of our story so far therefore it’s impossible for the truth to be heard but :-

(Narcissist are excellent actors / actresses. They really know how to give a performance and people are memorized by their fake charm and apparent innocence. They leave their victims deflated , bewildered and confused.
It’s hard to change people’s perception of a narcissist because they are so convincing in playing the victim and tainting you as the abuser.) Author unknown

Now Mum has mastered this and has everyone concerned believing her with a few crocodile tears at the appropriate times. Those that have known us as a couple for years see right through this but those that don’t know us fall for it hook line and sinker.
Fuck me I fell for it twenty-three years ago believing she was this poor downtrodden abused young lady at the hands of my stepson’s father and her parents helped by feeding me the same nonsense and false allegations about him. Which I guess they are probably feeding her new husband and his family now, of course it’s far too late to change that as you cannot rewrite history can you ?
The stories I hear about myself though sometimes make me wonder whether I have a doppelgänger or I live in a parallel universe. It’s lucky I don’t particularly care what other people think or believe because my boys my family and I know the truth and life is far too short to worry about others. If anyone believes the fabrications and stories about me it just proves they are not worthy of being true friends or those that believe the court have denied me access so far so I must have done something awful wouldn’t have a clue of the corruption within and how false allegations within the system works .
Like I said earlier when first denied access I believed in justice and truth, when reading other stories from those who’ve been through family court, I myself thought you liars you must have done something for a judge to say no contact and no doubt many that know us must be thinking the same.
Wow was I so far from the truth because at the moment I’m denied access based on false allegations and the pathetic idea that begging for contact with your own child is classed as Domestic violence and the false allegations have no evidence to verify them, my overwhelming evidence has never been viewed in the court arena in two years and finally based on the recommendation of a scheming court advisor from CAFCASS who is proving to be untouchable as within CAFCASS lying is acceptable and advisors can deny and omit evidence and then compose reports full of lies and misinterpretations based on personal feelings destroying children s lives and denying them relationships with innocent loving parents even when you have proof of their corruptness it is hushed up and still denied.

managers agree with you in private meetings or during phone calls but won’t commit themselves to telling the truth or helping . At the most recent meeting with a manager, the same manager that has told me he finds it highly strange that our FCA has not mentioned the violence towards little one and I in her reports to the court is now telling me the alienation of little one from me will backfire on Mum and little one will come back to me one day and hate her mother because he’s seen it time and again.

Now to me this just proves he has obviously seen that our case is parental alienation or seen hundreds of others all so similar but he wont admit it officially because this will prove CAFCASS and his colleague , a family court advisor has failed in their duty of care to little one and this would have repercussions or maybe make them all look bad as he’s her manager and it’s happened on his watch. The only reason I can think they do this is to protect their own comfortable jobs and lives knowing they will be probably targeted by senior management like I’m guessing the first manager I spoke to, Gemma was for telling me what to do next the first time I complained so many months ago.
Parental Alienation is absolutely rife and they fail to admit it exists. If a parent has to enter the family court system to attempt access to their children, the alienation has already began unless there are genuine safeguarding reasons.
CAFCASS and the family court call this implacable hostility or high conflict between parents. The only reason there is high conflict is because one parents major issues with the other are greater than the love of the children. The children are used as weapons and this then creates the so-called high conflict, obvious common sense really but if common sense was used by these so called professionals, cases wouldn’t be protracted and there would be no need for them. So lacking common sense and blatantly ignoring and omitting evidence destroys lives but keeps them employed I suppose.
In our case all was amicable for four months with 50 / 50 shared care of little one in place and agreed via solicitors at the outset. Mum became jealous and enraged at our friendship with The family friend and knew the only way she could hurt me was stopping contact. Her destroying our children’s lives in the process of her Course of Conduct is just collateral damage to her and she couldn’t care less because her narcissistic tendencies are so strong , nothing is ever her fault. When I discussed her actions with a mental health therapist, that came to the conclusion that she is so enraged and angry at her self for whatever reason and this is why she does it maybe guilt or just hatred of the fact I begged her to go away and wished her luck.